Presentations and Readings

Videos and recordings of my work

16th of May, 2015 at 2.00 pm: Tangled up: an afternoon of constraint-based & Oulipian writing, in Calgary, Canada.
An afternoon of Constraint-based and Oulipian writing, starring: DANIEL LEVIN BECKER, CHRISTIAN BOK, NIKKI SHEPPY, DEREK BEAULIEU,and JEAN-JACQUES POUCEL.

30th of July, 2014 at the FORMULES Colloquium Formes : “Figurations du Xenotex” part 1; “Figurations du Xenotex” part 2 –  Videos in French.

Actor in Sarah Rigg´s film Six Lives: Cinepoème. (Video in English). – An short extract on the film can be found by clicking here

12th of January 2012, Lecture / Reading Anne Portugal et Jean-Jacques Poucel – Video in French

17th of February 2012, reading at Yale University of Stacy Doris’s 2011 book THE CAKE PART. The chapter is  “THE (HIGHLY) ABRIDGED EROTIKA BIBLION, A Book of Exegesis Written by the Comte Mirabeau, while imprisoned in the donjon of the Chateau of Vincennes, 1777-1780”. Video in English

5-8th of October, 2011, “Family Vocation” Video in English.